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Welcome to SUNCETIX INC.

SUNCETIX, INC. has been founded as a Canadian corporation to engage in the design, development, and implementation of solar power technologies (Modular Photovoltaic System, or MPVS), for which the Company owns proprietary technology.

Advantage of MPVS Technology


High concentration levels provide MPVS with efficient PV cell utilization. It implies less silicon requirement, replacing it by cheaper glass and steel and driving the electricity cost down. Cooling provides PV cells with optimal operating temperature, sustaining high efficiency.


By tracking, MPVS keeps its high efficiency levels up for longer hours during the course of the day and over seasonal various conditions. By cooling, MPVS keeps its optimal productivity level, provides cells and system longevity, and keeps them from degrading over the lifetime.

Electricity cost

Is defined by system cost and electricity it provides during its lifetime. System’s high efficiency, even higher productivity, prolonged lifetime, low degradation rates and relatively low cost, enable MPVS to provide electricity with grid utility competitive cost and possibly lower.


Required for the MPVS is lower than that of usual CPV. Therefore, the maintenance cost associated with the MPVS process is no higher compared to existing CPV methods and will become lower. With MPVS generation-2introduction, the low maintenance cost will drop near zero.