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Details on one of the pending acquisitions in Romania

TORONTO, February 25, 2015

PM & E Inc Announces Corporate Update

TORONTO, February 5, 2015

The PM & E Inc Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a letter of  intent to purchase an operating solar plant in Romania. The Company plans to utilize its own battery in the operation of the plant which will increase production, lower costs and improve profitability.

The Company is looking into setting up production in Romania as well given the EU and National  government incentives and the low cost of manufacturing.

Furthermore the plant would be able to feed our markets in the Middle East and Asia very quickly and  very cost effective.

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Press Release Information:
Investor Contact(s): Zachary R. Logan / Drew S. Phillips
Contact phone: 858.886.7237

Company Info

Shares outstanding: 627,000,000

Shares authorized: 3,000,000,000

Transfer agent: Pacific stock transfer

SUNCETIX, INC., (the "Company"), has been founded to engage in the design, development, and implementation of solar power technologies (Modular Photovoltaic System, or MPVS), for which the Company owns proprietary technology.

Once commercialized, the technology will be able to deliver solar derived energy at a cost below that of today’s prevailing utility prices.

The Company aims to do this by integrating the most modern advances in tracking and concentration of solar rays, and supporting these functionalities with an inventive cooling system. Through simultaneously employing all 3 of these innovations in a novel and extremely cost effective manner, the Company’s system has the potential to produce power at prices below the $1/Watt ($USD) benchmark. This is considerably more economical than producing energy using flat panel technology the process that is currently dominating most of the Photovoltaic (PV) space. Furthermore, because bringing costs down below $1/Watt translates to a price of less than $0.02/kWh ($USD), the Company’s technology is capable of supplying energy cheaper than the modern grid itself. Achieving this state of grid parity is the requisite condition to bring solar power into the mainstream.

The company is currently looking to follow up on some of their preliminary contracts with manufacturers like Open Energy Corporation and Generation PV and would like toleverage the prototype to continue its OEM network development.