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Product Description

Numerous companies are now in a race to develop different technologies capable of succeeding, where flat panel PV has failed, which is bringing the cost of clean energy low enough to compete with fossil fuels. Many of these businesses are striving to do this by way of technologies very similar to that of SUNCETIX, INC. – economical PV systems founded on the premise of employing a concentrating technology to minimize the use of expensive silicon inputs. Importantly though, thus far none of these companies have really been able to commercialize a technology capable of meeting the performance targets required to really open up this market.

The SUNCETIX’s technology works on the principle of concentrating the sun’s energy multiple times onto a single PV cell. By using reflective surfaces, the system increases the amount of irradiance hitting the silicon-based cell by at least 16X. In turn, this enables the imbedded cell to than produce over 16X the energy it produces under regular non-concentrated capacity constraints. The result being that the system uses substantially less than 1/16 of the silicon it would otherwise require to convert the same amount of sunlight. Minimizing the use of silicon, the most expensive input involved in PV technology.

Product Overview

SUNCETIX, INC. has developed and patented a Modular Photovoltaic Solar Power system (MPVS) that utilizes specifically developed, unique technologies that severely increase system efficiency and stabilize its output characteristics in daily and seasonal erratic environment that allows the MPVS to bring peak capacity to the market at $0.9/Watt.

The innovative engineering ideas integrated in systems reliable yet simple and inexpensive architecture, such as solar irradiation concentration, movement tracking and build-in cooling mechanism permit MPVS to achieve very impressive results. In particular, system usage of silicon is less than standard flat-plate system by 80%, allowing system to compete with utility energy tariffs, achieving lower than current grid utility level costs, by providing higher magnitude efficiency with increased for high temperatures output characteristics stability and longer daily operating duration. The combination of the low sunk cost and higher capacity utilization will equate the cost of the energy produced by a Modular Photovoltaic System down to lower than $0.02/kWh over the unit’s useful life.